From The Week:

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Christie's is venturing into new territory, said Jennifer Peltz in the Associated Press. On Nov. 24, the high-end auction house will field offers on “punk mementos, signaling the collectible status of a brash, anti-authoritarian rock movement that largely thumbed its nose at posterity.” Among the various items up for auction are “publicity photos signed by the Sex Pistols” and “a scrawled flier for one of the Clash's first shows.”

Nothing says “punk rock” like an auction at Christie's, said Jen Carlson in “Too bad they didn't do this a few years ago, maybe they could have auctioned off CBGB.” This is just “another nail” in the “coffin” of punk rock.

Yes, seeing punk rock memorabilia “for sale through Christie’s Auction House is more than a little bit disturbing,” said Stephen Gerding in Kung Fu Rodeo online. But then again, I’d “love” to get my hands on some of that vintage Clash or Ramones stuff... (continue reading)