From Line 6:

Meet the amps that empowered a generation of guitarists to break through. Spider® gives you the tone, flexibility and power you need to take your music to a higher level. Choose from an exceptional collection of celebrated guitar amp models. Spark your creativity with inspiring effects. And jam with incredible guitar tones dialed in by some of the world’s most famous players. It’s no wonder that more than a million guitarists worldwide rely on Spider amps for pure tonal inspiration.

Featuring exceptional guitar amps dialed in to perfection by Line 6 experts, Spider provides you with all the core guitar tones at the foundation of modern and classic rock. Build your own combinations and tweak parameters and settings to create your own signature sound. With such an incredible arsenal of celebrated guitar amps at the ready, Spider practically demands that you turn it up—and play it loud.

Want the freedom to create pretty much any sound you can imagine? Spider is packed with award-winning Line 6® reverbs, delays, mods and more—so you can inspire your playing and let your creativity run wild. Use up to four effects at one time. Stack effects any way you want. Since Spider effects are easy to use and fully adjustable, you’ll spend less time tweaking and more time jamming... (continue reading)